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Decoding Makeup Lingo: Natural vs Neutral - Unveiling the Difference

As a professional makeup artist with over a decade of experience, I've encountered numerous styles and terminologies that clients use to describe their desired makeup looks. Among the most common points of confusion is the distinction between "natural" and "neutral" makeup. These terms are often interchanged, leading to misconceptions about the end result. Let's dive into this topic and shed some light on these two makeup styles.

Defining Natural Makeup

Now, "natural" is subjective. However, when clients ask for a "natural" makeup look, they generally envision a softer makeup application. This can include a no-makeup, barely - there vibe or a soft, yet defined look. Natural makeup aims to enhance your beauty subtly, highlighting your skin's natural glow, softening imperfections, and defining your features. The primary goal here is to provided an elevated version of yourself and can be done with any color palette.

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Cracking the Code of Neutral Makeup

On the other hand, "neutral" makeup refers to a color palette rather than a level of intensity. Neutrals encompass shades that fall within the spectrum of beige, brown, taupe, and other earthy tones. A neutral makeup look employs these shades to create depth, contour, and definition. Neutral makeup can be versatile, ranging from soft and casual to more full and polished looks, all while staying within the neutral color family. You can have a full glam look with all neutral tones .

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Clarifying Your Desires

As a makeup artist, I encourage my clients to communicate their preferences. I understand that can be difficult at times without having a point of reference. Hopefully, this post will help provide a new understanding. When requesting a makeup look, consider whether you want the barely-there, softness of a natural look or neutral tones but with definition and depth. Remember, you can have a natural look that includes color. A natural look is not void of color. By articulating your desires accurately, you enable your makeup artist to deliver a look that aligns with your vision.

In the world of makeup, terms like "natural" and "neutral" might seem interchangeable, but they hold distinct meanings that can influence the outcome of your look. Understanding the differences empowers you to communicate your desires effectively. So, next time you're discussing your makeup preferences, you'll be ready to make the distinction.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful! Share, comment or leave your questions below. Yours in Beauty, Kim


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